We've been providing ice in Los Angeles since we did it by horse-drawn carriage. We've stayed in business since by having quality ice products and excellent customer service.

Since 1929 we have been serving the Los Angeles area with a wide variety of ice products.  Our processes ensure clean and pure food-grade ice for restaurants, parties, and food service, while our more advanced methods can yield crystal clear photographic quality ice.  Additionally, we provide ice in bulk blocks, and a variety of additional services including ice sculpting and snow making.

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Have a Holiday Snow Day!

North Hollywood Ice Delivers Snow to your Door

North Hollywood Ice can deliver fresh snow to your home, or outside event. Make this holiday an event they will remember by creating a winter wonderland.
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Holiday Ice Fun!



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Our Location

  • North Hollywood Ice Co.
  • 5257 Craner Avenue
    North Hollywood, CA 91601
  • (818) 762-2237
    (818) 985-3770

  • Immediate Delivery Available
  • Emergency Delivery: 24 Hours Daily - 365 Days per Year
  • Will-Call Available

Industries Served

This is list of some of the industries we currently provide ice products for:


● Medical
● Restaurants
● Bars
● Supermarkets
● Hotels
● Private Parties
● Wholesalers
● Special Events
● Photography
● Entertainment
● Film
● Television
● Motion Picture Catering